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Up to three decades ago, the electricity sector in the European Union was organized as a regulated monopoly. In each country, one or more vertically integrated companies were responsible for generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity. By means of three legislative packages (1996, 2003, 2009), the  European Union gradually opened this sector for competition, aiming at an internal European electricity market. The European Directives are being translated by the Member States in national legislation. (Source: KU LEUVEN ENERGY INSTITUTE). Since the early 1990s EU-Governments and the EU-Commission do put increasing emphasis on reducing the EO2 emissions from energy production and consumption by promoting an increased energy efficiency and by promoting increasing shares of renewable energies. In Germany and other EU-Member countries electricity from renewable sources already account for above 30%. We offer consultancy services in the below fields:

Renewable Energies: Design of policies, regulative frameworks and projects,

Electricity Market: Design of Electricity Markets, Integration of Renewable Energies, Implementation of the Third Energy Package, ,,, Natural Gas Systems: Access to Gas Grids, biomethane, … Steigerung der biologischen Aktivität und Abbau organischer Substanzen z. B. in Bioenergie- und Kläranlagen, Reinhaltung stehender Gewässer und Verbesserung der Wasser- und Bodenqualität.

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