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Climate and Resource Protection


We aim at maintaining a healthy climate and

environment for future generations!

We help our partners to design and implement concepts

for  projects in the area of renewable energies.

We are the right partner for all questions around the

“Energiewende” in Germany and worldwide.

Furthermore we offer an amazing product for increasing yields in Bioenergy production and reducing costs and sludge volumes in the water cleaning area. BOCs are all- rounder and reach impressive results when applied as biological cleaner.
Bio-Organic Catalysts Renew-Sources offers Bio-Organic Catalysts (BOCs). The key attribute of BOCs is their ability to cause an immediate catalytic breakdown of the molecular structures of organic materials. BOC have shown, in municipal and industrial anaerobic digestion systems and waste water facilities that they provide  higher reduction rates over baseline values. BOC can increase bio-methane yields significantly with up to 30% reduction in total solids discharged. BOCs are furthermore successfully applied in the paper industry and in cleaning.



Out target is to support the use of Renewable Energies in order to transform the energy sector into a climate and environmentally friendly industry. We offer highly competente support and advise on all matters regarding energy production, energy saving and renewable energies.
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